Types of settlements.

   There are 5 different types of settlement. Hamlets are the smallest, then a village, then town, then a city and the biggest is a metropolis.

   There are approximately 2,900,000 settlements in Britain!!!

Hamlets have 20-50 people in them. Villages have 50-100 people, towns 100-500 , cities 500-1575 and metropolises 1575 and over! Hamlets are just a small group of houses scattered in a valley. Villages are big hamlets and will have a post office. Towns are bigger still and have loads of shops, cities have 1,000s and the massive metropolises have 1,000,001!  Some settlements form along roads to be in a place where they can get good trade.  Holiday resorts form along shorelines so the holiday makers can have a good time on the beach.  Industrial towns have big factories so they can produce merchandise. They are normally are near the sea so ships can take the merchandise to other places. Other settlements form at crossroads so cars coming can buy things from the people living there.